Top Reasons to Work with a Video Studio

Working with a Video Studio helps you create quality content

There are several reasons that you will want to work with a video studio to improve your video production and marketing processes. Working with a video studio will help to ensure that you can obtain high-quality videos that will most effectively capture your audience’s attention. At Lightchild Media, we offer a broad array of services […]

How a Video Marketing Retainer Helps with Content Creation

Having studio access is one of the many perks of having a video company on retainer

We’ve previously discussed how to tell that it is time for a video marketing retainer. Now, we’re going to take it a step further and discuss how a video marketing retainer can specifically help with the content creation process for your business. A video marketing retainer can help to ensure that you are able to […]

How to Hire a Videographer with the Right Skills for Your Project

videographer in Ogden

If you don’t know what to look for, hiring a professional videographer or video production business to produce professional videos can be intimidating. However, you are not required to enter the vetting process blind. There are factors that can help you weed out businesses that don’t fit your demands.  A camera can typically be held, […]

What you Can Do in a Recording Studio

A recording studio is the ideal place to ensure that your video and audio recording needs can be met. We offer professional services to provide you with superior recording products.

Do you Need a Video Marketing Retainer?

A video marketing retainer can help you to improve your production. It can also aid in reducing production expenses while simultaneously increasing the quality of your videos.

The Benefits of a Recording Studio

Working with a recording studio will provide a broad array of advantages for your business and your marketing strategy. You will be able to obtain the highest quality video to meet all of your needs.

How a Video Strategist Uses Video to Close the Deal

How a Video Strategist Uses Video to Close the Deal Many companies struggle with “closing the deal” despite drawing interest to their business. This tends to be a balancing act between overselling and underselling. When you push too hard, customers will resist making the final purchase. When you fail to push your product enough, you […]

Video Content Marketing and your Sales Process

 How Video Content Marketing Aids in your Sales Process Video content marketing aids in your sales process in many different ways. The right strategy can help you with prospecting, displaying your product, and providing many other advantages. Video provides a more intimate connection with your consumers. It takes advantage of the way the human brain […]

How Video Content Marketing Helps to Drive Website Traffic

 How Video Content Marketing Helps to Drive Website Traffic Video content marketing is often the ideal way to drive traffic to your website. You can use video content marketing to drive website traffic by implementing ads, improving your website’s SEO value, and ensuring your content is shared across social media platforms. When you use the […]