Top Reasons to Work with a Video Studio

Working with a Video Studio helps you create quality content

There are several reasons that you will want to work with a video studio to improve your video production and marketing processes. Working with a video studio will help to ensure that you can obtain high-quality videos that will most effectively capture your audience’s attention. At Lightchild Media, we offer a broad array of services […]

How a Video Marketing Retainer Helps with Content Creation

Having studio access is one of the many perks of having a video company on retainer

We’ve previously discussed how to tell that it is time for a video marketing retainer. Now, we’re going to take it a step further and discuss how a video marketing retainer can specifically help with the content creation process for your business. A video marketing retainer can help to ensure that you are able to […]

The Ultimate Guide to Growing your Business with Professional Videos

 The Ultimate Guide to Growing your Business with Professional Videos There are several components that are involved in leveraging professional videos to grow your business. You will need to determine the role that these videos will play in your marketing strategy, as well as work with a professional videographer to obtain the best professional videos […]

How a Professional Video Helps your Business Grow

 How Professional Video Helps your Business Grow Maintaining growth in your business is a critical component of leveraging a successful business. A professional video helps your business grow by improving your overall image and extending the reach of your company. There are many different types of professional videos that can each be leveraged in a […]

The Role of Professional Videos in your Marketing Strategy

 The Role of Professional Videos in your Marketing Strategy There are several roles that professional videos can play in your marketing strategy. Ultimately, the role of professional videos in your marketing strategy will depend on your specific strategy. Videos are particularly versatile and can be adapted to meet your exact needs. At Lightchild Media, we […]

Ultimate Guide to Making the Best Corporate Video

How to Make the Best Corporate Video Any video that you make for your business will impact your business’s image. Due to this, it is essential to ensure that you make the best corporate video to meet all of the needs of your company. In order to make the best corporate video, you will need […]

Preparing for a Corporate Video Production Shoot

 How to Prepare for your Corporate Video Production Shoot Appropriate preparation is incredibly important when you are planning on a corporate video production shoot. There are several steps that you can take to help accomplish this. Practicing your lines and facial expressions, as well as careful preparation can go a long way toward ensuring that […]

How to Communicate your Branding in Business Videos

How to Communicate your Branding Your branding is an important part of every aspect of your marketing strategy. When you use business videos to market, it will be important to ensure that you communicate your branding throughout the video. Communicating your branding can be done by displaying what makes your business different and showcasing your […]

What to Say in a Corporate Video

 What to Say in a Corporate Video Producing a corporate video is a great way to get your message across. The video format is unique in that it can convey a message through multiple senses, including both sight and sound. In order to ensure that your video is effective, it is important to know the […]

35+ Corporate Video Ideas for your Business

Videos Every Business Should Have Videos are an incredibly valuable platform, because they help to effectively convey a message through taking advantage of multiple senses. Every business should have videos about their products, to aid in their marketing, and to obtain a personal connection with their customers. When you create these videos for your business, […]