Example Work

Video Business Cards

Interview with Ellie

Ellie has Scoliosis and shares her Struggles and Insecurities with the Esteem Project. This Video was picked up by the national TV
Station KUTV and an Article was written about it

Speaker Reel – Ashley Stuart

A Speaker Reel of Ashley Stuart with Rethink Clutter.

Brand Story

Aundrea Demille launched her Wake Up Brand and wanted to portrait her Brand Story in a video.


Event Commercial – Dustin
A trailer for an annual Event Dustin Hardward puts on with his Coaching Business Clarity Mentoring.

Stylistic Video – Kiel Taylor
This Video has a very stylistic flavor to it, that was requested by the Client.


Guided Meditation
A Video that has fantastic Audio, which helps the Viewer to really dive into the provided Experience

Interview with Angel Castillo

Angel Castillo was running for Mayor in Ogden Utah and requested an Interview. I interviewed and filmed her..

Park Lane Jewelry
We created a video series for Park Lane in which we interviewed multiple people and edited into shorter videos.


Testimonial – Nelson Barrs
By providing your potential customers with Testimonials you are empowering them to choose you over others.

Business Side Highlight – Park Lane
Highlighting a certain Side of a Business can be helpful and allow others to understand all aspects of your Company.

TEAM Member Introductions

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