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How Video Content Marketing Helps to Drive Website Traffic

 How Video Content Marketing Helps to Drive Website Traffic

Video content marketing is often the ideal way to drive traffic to your website. You can use video content marketing to drive website traffic by implementing ads, improving your website’s SEO value, and ensuring your content is shared across social media platforms. When you use the ideal videos for your marketing strategy, you will be able to more effectively capture the attention of your audience, while simultaneously ensuring it is seen by more people. Our experts at Lightchild Media can help you to identify the ideal ways to use video to drive traffic to your website and help your business grow.

Video is an Effective Format

Video is unique in that it takes advantage of the way in which the human brain functions. The brain utilizes neurons, which are fired in response to particular stimuli, such as moving your hand or watching a show. When someone is being spoken to via video, their brain fires what are referred to as “mirror neurons.” Mirror neurons mimic the way the brain would function if someone was physically present and having a conversation with them.

Humans are hardwired to develop connections. This sense of connection is generally formed by physical proximity to other people. When mirror neurons mimic this function of the brain, it forms a more intimate connection between the speaker and the viewer.

This is, ultimately, why video serves as such an effective format. It is also important to keep in mind that videos tend to be shared much more commonly than other formats, so your video is also more likely to be seen by potential consumers. The more your video is seen, the better the chances are that it will drive traffic to your website.

Using Ads to Drive Traffic

Using video in your ads ensures that the ads are more capable of capturing attention. In your video, you can include a call to action, such as inviting customers to check out your website. Though you can certainly incorporate the same thing through the use of text or images, video is the ideal way to hook the attention of your consumers.

When you are able to forge this personal connection with the use of video, you will be able to motivate your customers to then move to your website. Videos are also more likely to be spread more widely, which ensures that the ad will be seen by more potential consumers, which will further increase the traffic to your website.

SEO Value

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In order to drive traffic to your website, it is important that your customers are able to find your website! Videos add an immense amount of SEO value to your website, which can provide a significant increase to your search engine rankings. The mere presence of video, especially a high-quality, optimized video, can make it much easier for customers to find your website. The easier it is to find your website, the more website traffic you will see.

Social Media Sharing

Videos are shared more on social media than other content formats. The visual approach of video ensures it is easily accessible to a wider audience, so people are more likely to share videos on their social media platforms. In addition to this, you can utilize video content marketing by adding videos to your own social media accounts.

Social media sharing is a huge way that you can utilize video content marketing to drive website traffic. However, it is important to keep in mind that you need to be careful about how you use videos on your social media. The algorithms of social media platforms don’t generally like content that encourages users to leave their platform. With social media videos, the best approach is usually to encourage users to visit your business’s social media page.

More Effectively Convey your Message

It’s no secret that the English language can easily become ambiguous, which can result in miscommunication. When you use video, you are able to use multiple “languages” in order to ensure that your message is clear. Video allows you to combine body language, tone, expression, and word choice to effectively convey your message to your consumers. Not only will this prevent miscommunication, but it will also ensure that your customers are confident that they understand what you are trying to say.

Leverage your Creativity

You are a unique person, which is what makes your business different! By using video, you are able to showcase your own creativity, which can increase the intrigue of your customers. This, in turn, often motivates them to navigate to your website and check out your company.

Improve Website Retention Rate

Video isn’t only better at drawing viewers’ attention, but it is also more effective at keeping their attention. Using videos on your website often helps to keep the interest of your consumers, which will improve the retention rate of your website. There are multiple benefits to this. For one thing, keeping customers on your website is a pretty large component of converting them to life-long customers. Another benefit is that website retention is another factor that search engine algorithms use to determine website rankings. By keeping customers on your website, rather than having them immediately click away from your website, you can make it even easier for new customers to find your website.

One of the major benefits of websites is that they can do a great deal of work for you around the clock. By driving website traffic, you ensure that your website is able to work as effectively as possible. This can provide a passive way to grow your business, increase sales, and gain the loyalty of your customers. With all the benefits that come with video content marketing, it is time to ensure that your strategy utilizes video as effectively as possible. Our experts at Lightchild Media can help you to devise the ideal video content marketing to drive website traffic for your business. Give us a call today!

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