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Reasons to Create a Professional Corporate Video

The Best Reasons to Create a Professional Corporate Video

A professional corporate video provides correct communication with your potential clients. There is no doubt about the impact videos can have on the human mind. We all remember commercials that made us laugh and ultimately even make a purchase decision. A successful corporate video communicates with your client and helps them understand what you are all about, which problems you can solve, and what makes you different. To make your corporate video successful you have to pay attention to the quality of your video. Whenever we see a video about a product or a service, we immediately subconsciously connect a price point with this product or service.

I recently saw a Facebook ad of a guy walking down the street holding up his smartphone and telling me that he had cracked the code to real estate and how anyone can replace their income with real estate investments. I thought to myself, ah this will probably be $50, but when I checked out his website, I found out that he wanted $1200 for his product. Obviously, I did not purchase his product, because the asking price was 60x higher than my perceived value. If it would have been a high quality video that had told me this, my perceived value goes up and gets closer to the asking price. This is important to understand for any business owner.

We humans connect a dollar amount to any product or service the second we see it. The quality of the video determines the quality of your potential clients. If you are going after upper middle class females within the age of 30-50 than your video needs to reflect their lifestyle and needs to match the perceived value. So, let’s talk about the best reasons to have a professional create your corporate video.

A Professional Can Save you Time

You can certainly make a video by yourself, though this will require learning how to use a camera properly. There are plenty of resources out there to guide you through this process, such as YouTube videos. The downside to this approach is that you will have to watch an 8 minute video in order to obtain 12 seconds worth of knowledge. This can consume a substantial amount of time to understand how to use the camera correctly in order to make the video that you need. After you have spent months learning about this, you will then need to spend several more months learning how to edit your video.

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A professional service can ensure that your corporate video is completed far more efficiently and in a much faster time period. You don’t regularly make corporate videos as a part of your job description, but a professional video production service does. This enables them to ensure that the video production process can be completed as efficiently and effectively as possible, which can save you a great deal of time and hassle. It can also expedite the amount of time that it takes to receive a finished product.

Access to High-Quality Equipment


It is well-known that a video recorded by a cell phone won’t be as high-quality as a video recorded with all of the best equipment. When you only require the use of this equipment to make a single video, however, it doesn’t make sense to purchase all of this equipment. When you work with a professional company, you can obtain access to high-quality equipment. This equipment goes a long way toward improving the overall quality of your finished video. In order to rent the same quality of equipment that you can have access to through our company, you will likely have to spend upward of $2000, not including the services of a professional camera person. Working with a professional video production company is a cost-effective solution for obtaining the best quality product.

Knowledge of Lighting

The lighting of your corporate video will have a significant impact on the overall environment and appearance of the finished product. Lighting sets the vibe for your video. This is where the subconscious mind of the viewer plays a huge role in perceiving the value of a product or service. Males and females have different lighting that flatters either the male or female side of a human. Lighting creates emotion within the video without a word being said or shown. This emotion needs to match your brand.

By working with a professional, you can rest assured that they will have the knowledge necessary to improve the lighting of your video. This can help to ensure that your video will maintain the best possible appearance. When you don’t use great lighting for the initial recording, it is likely that you will have to spend a great deal of time and effort editing the video in an attempt to improve its appearance. Expert knowledge of lighting simplifies this and ensures that you have the best recording possible.   

Better Sound Quality

You can have bad lighting as long as you have high quality audio, because then the lighting is perceived as intentional or artistic. Even if your video looks great, the sound quality is another incredibly important component of implementing the ideal corporate video. A professional service will be able to ensure that the video has much better sound quality. Ultimately, if consumers are distracted by the poor sound quality of the video, it will be far more difficult to convey your message. It is essential to ensure that your video has top-notch sound quality to improve the overall outcome and effectiveness of the video. It is also useful to keep in mind that every voice sounds different in different microphones, so a professional touch can help you to obtain the ideal sound.

Efficient Editing Processes

The editing plays a huge part in conveying emotions. For example, cutting 0.03 seconds too early could ruin the emotional flow of an entire video. The editing is as much of an art as filming the video in the first place. The editing can destroy all the effort you put into filming if done incorrectly. In addition to this, many people underestimate the time that it takes to thoroughly edit a video and prepare it for viewing. This is especially true of corporate videos, that generally need to convey a message and promote brand awareness.

A professional is experienced in the editing process and can provide you with fast, efficient, and high-quality editing. The editing of the video can be as important as the video recording itself because it will have a substantial impact on the final product. Working with a professional video production company can ensure that your editing job is flawless.

Vide Editing

Help with your Marketing

Completing the corporate video won’t necessarily provide you with all of the benefits that you can obtain with a great professional corporate video. It will then be necessary to implement an effective marketing strategy to ensure that your video can be seen. A professional company has the expertise necessary to aid you in developing an effective marketing strategy for your corporate video. This enables you to optimize the results that you see from your corporate video.

The Best Finished Professional Corporate Video

A corporate video represents your business. Due to this, you only want the best quality product to be released as your own professional corporate video. By working with a professional service, you ensure that your finished professional corporate video is of the highest quality possible. This helps to ensure that you obtain the best possible advantages for your video.

Higher Level of Professionalism

Amateur videos can often be easily identified as such. When you obtain a professional corporate video, you can be confident that the finished product will exude professionalism. This helps to portray your business in the best light possible. A professional video will show the effort that you put into your business, which can help to draw customers to your company. This degree of professionalism is crucial in gaining the trust and loyalty of your customers.

Why you Need a Corporate Video

Now that you understand why your corporate video needs to be created with the services of the professional, it can be beneficial to understand why you need a corporate video in the first place. A corporate video is an easy to share format that can help to convey your message to consumers. For one thing, Google loves videos. When you add videos to your website, it will help your website to rank higher in Google searches. Videos can be a valuable way to convey your message, especially because consumers will have different preferences for their information consumption. It is easy to share your corporate video on all of the different platforms of your company.

Hiring a professional for your video production needs can go a long way toward ensuring that you obtain the highest quality of video to meet all of your business’s requirements. Our team at Lightchild Media can ensure that you have the best professional corporate video that will improve your business. This can help to get your message across and improve your company’s Google rankings. To learn more about the reasons that you need a professional corporate video, contact us at Lightchild Media today!

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