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The Role of Professional Videos in your Marketing Strategy

 The Role of Professional Videos in your Marketing Strategy

There are several roles that professional videos can play in your marketing strategy. Ultimately, the role of professional videos in your marketing strategy will depend on your specific strategy. Videos are particularly versatile and can be adapted to meet your exact needs. At Lightchild Media, we can help you to devise the right professional videos to meet the demands of your particular marketing strategy. Here are a few things you should know about the role of professional videos in your marketing strategy.

Depends on your Strategy

The particular type of video or even the amount of video you should use will depend on your own strategy. You can use a corporate video to communicate your branding or use testimonial videos to build trust in your company. The videos you use can have a different amount of weight in your marketing strategy, as well. In some situations, your videos can be the complete foundation of your marketing strategy. Alternatively, a professional video can serve as a supportive role in your marketing, much like the cherry on top of the marketing plan that you use. They can be used to fill gaps in your marketing or otherwise ensure that your marketing strategy is as effective as possible.

Higher Engagement Rate

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Numerous studies have shown that professional videos have a higher engagement rate than content consisting solely of images and text. A higher engagement rate is always a positive thing for your marketing because it ensures that consumers are more familiar with your company and product. You want your potential customers to engage with your marketing techniques. Videos can help you to accomplish this.

Boost Viewers

People tend to be drawn more toward videos than many other types of content. When you add videos to your social media posts, for example, you will often be able to boost the viewers and extend your reach. This enables you to optimize your marketing strategy and make the most of your marketing budget.

Change Up Marketing Strategy

It is important to regularly change up your marketing strategy. Posting the same things and following the same strategy will ensure that it is played out over time, which ultimately renders it ineffective. Videos can be implemented to help you change up your marketing strategy and keep it effective. By making these changes, you can help to ensure that your marketing strategy will have the biggest impact possible. Our team can help you to create a video that will best suit the marketing of your business.

Versatile Use

One of the major benefits of using professional videos in your marketing strategy is that videos are a particularly versatile platform. There are many different types of videos that you can obtain to improve your company’s marketing. Testimonial videos, product displays, and video snippets are just a few of the video types that can help to improve your marketing.

Build Trust


Videos are a special platform that enable you to provide a personal touch along with your message. This personal touch often ensures that your customers will have much more trust in your company. When they see you as an individual, rather than as a faceless corporation, they will be more likely to trust your services.

SEO Value

In general, Google’s algorithms love videos. When you add professional videos to your various marketing techniques, you will be able to add value to the search engine optimization of your website. This will make it easier for other people to find your website and marketing strategies, which will be extremely beneficial for your business.

Appealing to Mobile Users

Many people surf the internet on their mobile devices. The video format is particularly appealing to mobile users. This ensures that they are drawn to the marketing strategies that you are using. When you share video on your social media platforms, in particular, you will be more likely to reach an audience that is using their mobile devices. This also enhances the convenience of your customers.

Encourages Social Media Sharing

Videos tend to encourage your customers to share your social media posts. The more your posts are shared, the more people will see them. By optimizing your posts to encourage sharing on social media, you can greatly extend your reach and ensure as many people as possible see your post. This is just one role that professional videos can play in your marketing strategy.


Remain Competitive

Videos are becoming more important in marketing because all of your competition will be using them. Approximately 80% of businesses use videos in their marketing strategies. Not using video ultimately means that 80% of your competitors will have this advantage over your business. The use of videos helps you to stay competitive. Obtaining professional videographer services can ensure that you are able to further remain competitive, because you will have the highest quality video possible.

Automating Relationships

Professional videos can help you to automate many of the functions of your marketing strategy and forge a customized experience for your consumers. Automation means that you are seeing substantial results without requiring extra effort on your part. Email campaigns that have professional videos help to provide a much more personal touch that can’t be conveyed through text or photos. For example, consider popular YouTubers that your children watch. They often know a great deal about the YouTuber without actually having any direct interaction with them. The same thing can be used for your marketing. You can provide your consumers with a seemingly customized experience, without actually having direct interaction, which saves you time and optimizes their experience.

Important Statistics

Understanding the statistics surrounding online videos can enable you to make the best decisions for your own marketing strategy. Video platforms tend to be the most popular and have the largest base. For example, YouTube has more than a billion users. This is approximately 1/3 of internet users. As many as 75 million people located in the United States watch at least one video online every day. Marketers specifically have been able to prove the efficacy of video marketing. Studies have shown that those that use video in their marketing strategy tend to see revenue growth as much as 49% faster than marketers that don’t take advantage of videos.

Taking the steps to improve your marketing can often be done with the use of professional videos. When you add these videos to your marketing strategy, you will be able to improve the engagement of your marketing, accurately convey your message, and draw more consumers to your business. For more information about how you can leverage a professional video to best meet your marketing needs, contact us at Lightchild Media today!

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