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Top Reasons to Hire a Videographer in Utah for Testimonial Videos

Top Reasons to Hire a Videographer in Utah for Testimonial Videos

There are many reasons that you should hire a videographer in Utah for testimonial videos. A videographer can help to ensure that your videos match the perceived value of your product or services, as well as provides many other benefits to your finished product. Testimonial videos can be incredibly beneficial in improving the trust of your customers and conveying the right message to your consumers. At Lightchild Media, we can provide you with the ideal videographer services to create the best testimonial videos to meet all of your needs. Here are some of the top reasons to hire a videographer in Utah for testimonial videos for your company.

Perceived Value

Perceived value will have a substantial impact on whether or not a view of your testimonial video leads to a sale. When you hire a videographer for your testimonial videos, you can help to ensure that your perceived value will match your product. This is extremely important in ensuring that your video is effective. Essentially, when your testimonial video is viewed by a potential consumer, they will develop an idea regarding what your services are worth. This preconceived notion developed during your video makes a huge difference in whether or not you make a sale. Your testimonial video will basically pre-qualify a lead that you may have for your product or services.


For example, as a potential customer watches a testimonial that is of low quality, they will develop a notion regarding a similarly low value of your services or product. If this doesn’t match your actual cost, you are likely to lose a possible sale. If they think, based on your testimonial video, that your product is worth $20, but you are actually charging $70, they will be shocked by the price and will immediately be turned off of the purchase. Alternatively, if the video conveys your product as being worth $70, they will be more likely to purchase it, even though it is the same price it was in the first example.

It is essential to ensure that you focus on perceived value when you create your testimonial video. When you hire a videographer in Utah, you can be confident that your video will parallel the value of your product. This helps to increase the chances that the video will lead to a sale or will convert a customer.

Match your Asking Price

When you ensure that your testimonial videos match your asking price, you will be able to ensure that your videos improve your sales, rather than hurt them. A videographer can help you to craft the ideal videos that will match your asking price. This works in multiple ways. The quality of the video should be tailored to the value of your product. This is both important for low and high quality videos.

You can overshoot the video portrayal both ways. A low quality video can cause customers to be shocked at “how expensive” your product or services are. A video that is of much higher quality than you would expect for your target audience may cause potential customers to assume that your products will be too expensive for them or don’t mesh with their more modest lifestyle. Either way, you’ve lost a possible sale. When you match your testimonial videos to your asking price, you can ensure that your videos are as effective as possible.

Testimonial Couple

Utilize your Video Across Platforms

When you’ve put the effort into creating the best testimonial videos, you will want to ensure that you can make the optimal use of your video. A professionally crafted video can help to improve your brand when you share the video across platforms, such as your social media. When you’ve created a video that doesn’t parallel the perceived value of your product, sharing it across platforms will ultimately do much more harm than good to your business. This is a major reason to hire a videographer in Utah to record your testimonial videos.

Convey Professionalism

A quality video will help to convey professionalism to your consumers. A videographer can help you to obtain a great final product that will convey this professionalism to customers. When you ensure that these videos express your expertise, you will be able to improve the trust of your customers. Customers that trust your brand are more likely to remain loyal to your business, which can help your business to grow.

Quality Content

Testimonial videos will represent your business. When you put your brand on something, it is critical to ensure that it is of particularly high quality. Hiring a videographer in Utah will help to ensure that your testimonial videos consist of quality content. This goes a long way toward ensuring that your videos are optimally created to improve your business’s image.

Express your Message


There are many factors that come together to express your message in a video. The lighting, audio, and content will all contribute to the message that your video conveys. A professional videographer will have the expertise necessary to weave all these factors together to accurately express your message. This helps you to ensure that your testimonial video is factored specifically to meet the needs of your business.

Benefits of Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are extremely powerful tools, for good reason. When you obtain testimonials from actual customers, you will be able to ensure that your customers are confident in your product. These testimonial videos help to prime your customers regarding what to expect from your services and working with your company. The ideal e can be used to market your company and increase your customer base.

A videographer can help to ensure that your testimonial videos match all of the needs of your business. Our services can help to make your testimonial videos as effective as possible, which can provide substantial benefits to your business. For more information about how our testimonial video recording services can improve your videos, contact us at Lightchild Media today!

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