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Video Content Marketing and your Sales Process

 How Video Content Marketing Aids in your Sales Process

Video content marketing aids in your sales process in many different ways. The right strategy can help you with prospecting, displaying your product, and providing many other advantages. Video provides a more intimate connection with your consumers. It takes advantage of the way the human brain functions in order to ensure the most effective tool possible. Understanding how video content marketing can help with your sales process can provide you with the ideal knowledge to ensure the best strategy for your own marketing.

Why is Video So Effective?

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A general understanding of neuroscience principles helps to show why video is such an effective format for marketing. Humans want to feel a sense of connection and that they are part of a particular tribe or group of people. Physical proximity to other humans helps to provide this personal connection and sense of belonging. This is likely something many of us have felt the absence of over the previous year when quarantine prevented this physical proximity to other people. Video tends to be such an effective format because it can be leveraged to trick the mind into thinking that the individual is in close proximity to another individual, thereby forging a personal connection. This enables video to form more personal connections with other people and serve as an effective marketing tool. The use of video also enables you to build better relationships with your consumers.

Mirror Neurons

Mirror neurons are what video takes advantage of in order to provide personal connections with individuals. This type of neuron is triggered by viewing actions that you are familiar with. For example, when you see someone talking to you via a video on your screen, the mirror neurons in your brain will fire. Most conversations require physical proximity. Therefore, this will cause your brain to interpret the situation to cause you to feel as though the person on your screen is in close physical proximity to you, which enables this sense of connection. This provides a much more intimate connection between the viewer and speaker than a static image on the screen that won’t trigger mirror neurons.

Visual Content Use

It is extremely beneficial to use visual content for your marketing. Content that is comprised purely of text is far less likely to be shared, which reduces its chances of being seen. Visual content is as much as 40 times more likely to be shared across social media platforms. Increasing the chances of having your content shared can be as easy as having professional videos created for your marketing strategy. By including these videos with the other content that you produce, you will be able to substantially increase your content’s reach.

Video Content Marketing Grabs Attention

Video content marketing will grab the attention of your audience. When your content doesn’t grab the attention of your consumers, it won’t be particularly effective as a marketing tool. In order to convey a message to your consumers, they have to be paying attention to the message. By adding video to your marketing, you will be able to ensure that it is far more effective. Video is also a better tool for maintaining the attention of your audience. This ensures that you are able to communicate more clearly with them and convey the message you intend.

Search Engines Like Video

In order for content to be effective, it will first need to be seen. When potential customers never even view your content, it will be unable to drive sales. Search engine algorithms love video. When you include video with your content, you will be able to ensure that it ranks higher in internet searches. This will enable it to be found by potential consumers more easily, which ultimately ensures that it will have a much larger impact.

Provide Unique Messaging

Video marketing helps you to stand out from the crowd. It is common for advertisements to run together, especially when you recycle your marketing strategies. By adding a unique video to your content, you will be able to provide unique messaging for your consumers. This messaging helps to ensure that your marketing strategy will be memorable, as well. A memorable strategy is essential, because it will ensure that customers turn to your company when they find that they have a need to fulfill.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

There are endless statistics that show the effectiveness of video content. The numbers speak for themselves when it comes to the use of video in your marketing strategy. 82% of users on Twitter spend time watching video content while scrolling through their Twitter feeds. In fact, videos are 6 times more likely to be retweeted than content that only has photos. Photos are more likely to be shared than non-visual content, which only further shows the efficacy of video content!

Video Content Marketing and your Sales Process

There are several ways in which you can implement video content marketing to your sales process. Video content marketing can be used to aid in prospecting, demonstrating value, and forging personal connections with your customers. One of the major benefits of video is that it can be designed to provide both passive and active roles in your strategy and can be tailored to fit your specific needs. The right videos can be created to help draw consumers to your business. They also help you to display your products and demonstrate the value of your services. Finally, forging a personal connection with consumers enables you to expand your customer base and increase the loyalty of your customers.

There are several ways that video content marketing can be used to improve the sales process of your business. You can use video as a funnel to drive traffic to your website, as well as to ensure that your customers understand your product and how it works. For more information about video content marketing and how it can benefit your sales process, contact us at Lightchild Media today!

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