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You want videos that:
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Result-driven video production + content solutions for coaches, speakers, and entrepreneurs.

Sound familiar?

  • You know videos are crucial for online marketing, but you don’t have the time to consistently create high-quality video content.

  • You know that excellent video production can skyrocket your marketing efforts, your business results, and your authority.

  • You want a reliable, easy to work with, result-obsessed partner to handle it all for you.

    If the answer is a resounding YES, this is a match made in heaven!

Hi, I’m Jonathan

I help speakers, coaches, and entrepreneurs outshine their competitors with video content that

attracts, impacts, and inspires their audience.

How can I help you now?


Event Videography

You’re a speaker, coach, or event manager, and you want your event recorded and edited by a true pro. We know event videography is not just about filming an event – it’s about creating video content that leverages your brand, captivates your viewers, and captures the highlights of your event so you can come back to them again and again. Whether it’s a lecture, a conference, a boot camp, or even an awards ceremony, we’ll help you film and create engaging video content that connects to your audience and captures you, your event, and everyone there in the best possible light.

Online Course Video Content

Do you know how many aspects there are to filming great video course content? You need a multi-camera setup, perfect lighting, stunning audio, and not to mention, comprehensive graphics that enhance the experience. When all these things work together, you’ll boost your learners’ engagement and show them a memorable and exciting eLearning experience. We’ll film and edit your online course with all these in mind to guarantee that

⦁ Your course quality is unmatched.
⦁ You’re conveying yourself the way you want to.
⦁ Your listeners are learning, understanding, and remembering.

Social Media Video Content

Did you know video is expected to make up for 82% of Internet traffic by 2021? In this age of social media, the attention spans of people are shrinking, and they’re shrinking fast. If you want your brand to make a tidal wave throughout the sea of competition, you need:
⦁ More video content
⦁ Better video content
⦁ The right type of video content
And what better place to show off your brand and your business than social media? With properly positioned video content, you can attract a massive following, solidify your brand’s presence, and take your business into the stratosphere.
If that’s what you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered.

Podcast Videography

More and more coaches and speakers are starting to either host or guest in podcasts – and the audience loves them! Whether you’re thinking about starting a podcast or you’re already an established host, we’ll help you take your filming and production efforts to the next level.
⦁ We’ll film, edit, and upload your podcast to your chosen platform.
⦁ We’ll make snippets from the podcast you can share with your audience.
⦁ We can also provide you with a place to record your podcast.
It’s an all-in-one content solution for your podcast (and it’s the best one there is.)

Speaker Reel

The Speaker Reel is a fantastically important tool for any aspiring speaker. But you don’t need a speaker reel. You need a speaker reel that sells. There’s a common misconception that a speaker reel video has to showcase you and what you do. In reality, powerful speaker reel demos are about your audience, what problems they’re facing, and what you can do to help them. For this reason, we focus on bringing together the right mix of informative and captivating – so your demo reel speaks to the heart of your audience and positions you as a memorable voice of authority in their life.


Why would you want to work with a result-obsessed videographer?

– Your audience will love you for it. Nowadays, everyone loves a video that can grip their attention, take them on a journey, and inspire them to take action. Imagine if every video you ever put out was like that! Every audience would fall in love with your content, and they can’t even help it.
– You get a trustworthy, proactive strategist. I believe that video, storytelling, and marketing can come together and drive incredible results for any business – and that’s what I want to help you do! You’re guaranteed a perceptive, hardworking video producer who knows how to bring these things together to make your brand’s personality shine. (That’s me.)
– You can relax. Finally. You probably didn’t start your business to create immersive videos. But we did! You don’t have to worry about video content anymore – I got this. I will make the process easy and comprehensive for you so you can focus on what you do best.


What People say about Lightchild

What People say about Lightchild