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Video Production Mistakes : Top Mistakes You’re Making While Producing Videos.

Top Mistakes you’re Making with your Video Production

There are several Video Production mistakes that you may be making. When you produce your own videos, you are likely overlooking your product’s perceived value, which can reduce the effectiveness of your video. With the services of a professional, you can minimize these problems with your video production and ensure they convey the message you desire. Our team can help you to reduce these mistakes and create the video that will meet all of your needs. Here are some of the top mistakes that you are making with your video production.

Not Matching your Perceived Value

One of the most important strategies for your video production is matching the perceived value of your business. When you focus on perceived value, you will be able to create a video that will accurately portray your business. To understand perceived value, it is useful to look at an example. Say you are creating a video to market your line of tennis shoes. These shoes are made of extremely high-quality materials that are rather expensive to obtain. Due to this, you will charge a higher rate for your tennis shoes. Then you create a video using only your cell phone and your own script. This video comes across as sloppy and unprofessional. In the mind of your consumers, this will lower the value of your product. They will expect to pay a much lower price for your tennis shoes than you are charging. This reduces the chances that they will spend the amount that you are asking for.

The opposite can also be true. If you make a video that is of much higher quality than your product, your potential customers might assume that they can’t afford it or that something must be wrong with since it is so inexpensive. Not matching your perceived value is one of the most common mistakes that you may make with your video production. It is also an incredibly important thing to rectify because it will go a long way toward improving the effectiveness of your video production.

Not Providing Cohesive Branding

Cohesive branding is essential for multiple reasons. When you provide cohesive branding for your business, you will increase the trust and loyalty of your customers. This means that your branding strategies have to be present across all of your marketing, including your videos. When you don’t focus on this aspect, you will likely create inconsistencies. These inconsistencies can impact the loyalty of your customers, which can have an extremely detrimental impact on your business.


Making the Video with your Phone

Another huge mistake that you are making with your video production is using your phone to film your video. This will create an unprofessional video that can substantially lower the perceived value of your product or services. In most cases, this is not the result that you are going for with your video. By using the appropriate equipment, you will be able to create a higher quality product that will meet all of your needs.

Continuity Issues

A video should flow smoothly from one scene to the next. Proper planning goes a long way toward ensuring that your video conveys the message that you intend. Amateurs that create their own videos tend to be spontaneous, which will show in their video production. By working with a professional, you can reduce continuity issues and ensure that your video is created according to your plan. This is incredibly beneficial in increasing the professional appeal of your video and reducing these spontaneous reactions.

Inadequate Lighting


The lighting of your video plays a much more vital role than many people realize. A huge mistake in amateur video production is inadequate and unintentional lighting. Lighting should be a very intentional part of your video. It will aid in setting the mood and modifying the atmosphere of the video. A professional will be able to identify the lighting changes that are necessary in conveying the mood that you desire for your video.

Overlook Preproduction

Preproduction is an important part of creating the ideal video to meet your needs. Many people overlook preproduction when they create a video. It is essential to ensure that you have planned appropriately for the video and set up the scene according to these plans. When you go into the video production process unprepared, it will certainly show up in your final product. This will cause the video to come across as unprofessional, which will impact your business.


Overlook Postproduction

Postproduction is another important component of your video production. When you don’t engage in postproduction, all mistakes that were in the video will be left in. This missing step can also cause the video to be unnecessarily long, which can limit the number of viewers that watch your video. Postproduction will also help to tweak various aspects of your video to target your viewers. This ensures that the video can be as effective as possible. It is essential to not overlook this part of your video production in order to create the ideal video.

Low Quality Equipment

The quality of the equipment that you use will have an additional impact on the overall quality of the video that you create. A professional has access to the ideal equipment, which will result in a similarly ideal video. Low quality equipment is a huge mistake to make when it comes to your video production. By investing in the services of a professional with superior equipment, you will be able to limit problems and ensure that your video matches all of your needs.

There are many common mistakes that you are making with your video production. These problems can be avoided when you work with a professional for the appropriate video production services. A professional has the expertise, equipment, and knowledge available to ensure that your videos are able to meet all of your needs. For more information about common video production mistakes and how you can create the video that will meet all of your needs, contact us at Lightchild Media today!

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