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What to Say in a Corporate Video?

 What to Say in a Corporate Video

Producing a corporate video is a great way to get your message across. The video format is unique in that it can convey a message through multiple senses, including both sight and sound. In order to ensure that your video is effective, it is important to know the right thing to say in your corporate video. This will help you to optimize its impact and ensure that it will meet all of your needs. You’ll want to address your own personal why, who, what, and how throughout your video. At Lightchild Media, we can guide you through the creation of the best corporate video to meet all of your specific requirements. Here are a few things that you should say in a corporate video.

The Why


Why do you do what you do? Take some time to carefully think about this so that you can decide how you want to convey it in your video. When you talk about your why, you will be able to express your passion to your consumers. This will help to improve their confidence in your services. Whenever they are making a choice between someone who is genuinely passionate about their job and someone that is only doing it to make a living, they will choose the former. It is also important to be aware that you need to be genuine when you talk about your why. Deceit or disingenuity is often detectable, which will reduce your consumers’ trust in you and your company. Convey your passion to your customers to ensure that your professional corporate video is as effective as possible.

The Who

When you talk about who you are, you will be better able to forge a personal connection with your consumers. Many businesses, especially larger corporations, come across as impersonal and cold. This can be detrimental to their image and their customer base. Put simply, customers have no reason to remain loyal to these impersonal images. By discussing who you are as a person, in conjunction with why you do what you do, you can help to create this personal connection with your audience. This will ultimately set you apart from your competitors. It can also ensure that customers feel more secure that you care about them as individuals.


The What

If your viewers don’t know what your company does, your video will ultimately be useless. Explain what your company does and what services or products you are able to provide. You may also benefit from explaining your specific process, so that your customers understand what makes you different. When your customers are able to easily determine what you do, they will be able to identify when you can fulfill one of their needs.

The How

How do you provide your services? What makes your company different from your competitors and why should your consumers choose you? When you discuss the how, your customers will have more knowledge to help them to make a decision that will best meet their needs. This is the part of your video where you can convince your customers that you are best-equipped to meet their needs and expectations. The how is an incredibly important message to convey in your corporate video.

Be Intentional With your Language

Carefully decide the language that you want to use when you record your video. It is important to be intentional with your wording and keep your message as simple as possible. Don’t use professional jargon that will be difficult to understand for the average person. When you are intentional with your language, you can often make your video more easily accessible. This goes a long way toward ensuring that you are able to effectively convey your message to your consumers.

Keep it Short

It can be tempting to give a long speech to ensure that you are getting all of the information that you possibly can out there. However, viewers’ attention tends to waver after a certain length of time. Our team can help you to identify the ideal length for your video. In addition to this, we can help you to create shorter snippets that are easy to share across your social media platforms. This will aid in expanding your audience and ensuring you have a wider reach. By keeping your video short, you are able to further improve its accessibility and effectiveness.


Think About your Message

Careful planning and considering your message are essential in creating the ideal video. Take some time to think about your message and decide what you want to convey throughout your video. It is also beneficial to think about your business and its image. What image do you want to portray through your video? Does this match your existing branding? When you take a few moments to think about your message, you will be able to prepare more effectively for your video production.

Be Prepared

You should never just “wing it” when you are planning on shooting a corporate video. When you are unprepared, your video is certain to come across as unprofessional. This will diminish the trust that your customers have in your company. Think carefully about what you intend to say and the message that you intend to convey throughout your video. With the appropriate preparation, you can ensure a much better outcome for your corporate video. This will help to create a professional video that will effectively send your message to your consumers.

Knowing what to say in your corporate video can help to ensure that you are able to create the best video possible. This video will effectively communicate your message to your consumers. It is important to plan and prepare properly for your video so that you can create this ideal video. By working with our experts at Lightchild Media, you can gain more information and guidance regarding the appropriate preparation that will create the best video to meet your needs. For more information about what you should say in a corporate video, contact us at Lightchild Media today!

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